CERMESCentre de Recherche Médecine, Science, Santé et Société (French)
CERMESCentre for Resource Management and Environmental Studies (University of the West Indies; Trinidad and Tobago)
CERMESCentre d'Enseignement et de Recherche en Mécanique des Sols (French)
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Schmink (CDC); Didier Mounkoro, Oubote Abodji (Agence de Medecine Preventive); Jibir Zanguina, Aichatou Moussa, Mariama Sambo (CERMES); and Maman Zaneidou and Goumbi Kadade (Direction de la Surveillance et de la Riposte aux Epidemies).
We thank the CDC Core Facility, team members from CERMES for their laboratory support, the PubMLST staff for data management assistance, and the PIBnet team and sequencing facilities at the Institut Pasteur'.
This allows for multiple stakeholders, and provides broad coverage of a range of issues, but, with few linkages, and uncoordinated, it also engenders fragmentation, gaps, overlaps and redundancies in regional ocean governance (CERMES 2013, 1).
The authors are grateful to Ibrahim Arzika, Aboubacar Mahamadou, and Fatoumata Ousmane Sadou at CERMES and to Michelle Bignoumba, Statiana Mboui, and Dieudonne Nkoghe at CIRMF, for their help in sample collection and input in field work.
Since approval of the CCCFP by the Ministerial Council in 2011 went largely unnoticed, the following years could have been a period for the developing CNFO to engage with the CCCFP, to put policy into practice and flex its muscles in the arena of fisheries governance for mutual benefit, through cooperation with the CRFM Secretariat, CANARI and CERMES. Although this type of multi-stakeholder collaboration did not occur, the CNFO, in association with the CRFM and other organizations, engaged in activities that implicitly supported the CCCFP.
During the late stages of negotiation, a small participatory evaluation exercise examined the almost thirty sections of the Common Fisheries Policy and Regime (as the CCCFP was then called) against the principles of good governance, and produced a policy brief (CERMES 2008) as an output.
"Governance Arrangements for Marine Ecosystems of the Wider Caribbean Region." CERMES Technical Report No 60, Cave Hill: Centre for Resource Management and Environmental Studies, University of the West Indies.
We are indebted to all the physicians and medical assistants, especially to Bachir Mayana, who sent CSF/trans-isolate specimens and epidemiologic forms to the CERMES, and to staff at the Direction des Statistiques, de la Surveillance et de la Riposte aux Epidemies.
Few laboratories perform etiologic diagnoses, but health staff can send frozen cerebrospinal fluid (CSF) specimens to the national reference laboratory, Centre de Recherche Medicale et Sanitaire (CERMES), for microbiologic determination by PCR (2,3).
The Centre de Recherches Medicales et Sanitaires (CERMES) in Niamey became, in 2002, a national biomedical research center under the authority of the Ministry of Health (MOH) and the national reference center for meningitis in Niger.