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CERROCentral European Regional Research Organization
CERROClinical and Experimental Research in Radiation Oncology
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We crossed the Cerro del Talguen, and slept at a little rancho.
The clubs were drawn alongside each other in the Copa Libertadores group stage earlier this year, with Cerro Porteno topping the table with ten points and the Argentinians two points back in second.
The technical report prepared by Gustavson Associates summarizes the Cerro Delta project as follows: "PAG's Cerro Delta Project is an early stage exploration project with potential to discover porphyry gold (copper) deposits at depth.
Teens are a very vulnerable group and they don't have anybody looking out for them,'' Cerro said.
German Perez of Cerro intervened and the players traded punches to earn red cards.
Since assuming ownership of the former Cerro Wire site, Tribune Company has assumed a leadership role in eliminating the environmental problems' that lingered on the site from its prior use.
Three project areas are slated for continued exploration in 2009; 1) Plateau, 2) Cerro Solo South, and 3) Carbon.
It will be used as partial financing for an $850 million expansion to mine a primary sulfide ore body beneath the oxide ore body currently in production at Cerro Verde.
Four centuries before comparable Incan operations, Bolivia's Tiwanaku culture probably launched silver mining at Cerro Rico and the large-scale smelting of silver ore, say Mark B.
We did have a slow start,'' Carrillo said about the game against Cerro Cosa.
The ratings downgrade considers that lower output will have a material impact on project revenue and reduce debt service margins, particularly for Petrozuata and Cerro Negro.