CertHECertificate of Higher Education (UK)
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It is relevant to note that the interviewer was a consortium manager with responsibility for the CertHE programme and known to all the mentors and two of the line managers.
A UCPD comprises 60 credits compared with the 120 required for the award of a CertHE.
In relation to support from mentors and tutors, there was a varied response from CertHE students.
Despite its relatively short life, the CertHE programme became well thought of by PSOs and their line managers.
The evaluation also provides evidence that the CertHE improved the practice of PSOs and that the linking of the academic and practice curriculum was important in this improvement.
The lack of formal academic input and assessment in the new award does mean that, in comparison with the former CertHE routes, PSOs will not be involved in the same level of debate and discussion of concepts and ideas.
This CertHE was a generic qualification for staff working with offenders in the community.
As with this CertHE, the higher education element of the new honours degree and graduate diploma is largely delivered by distance learning methods.
The evaluation does reveal the extent to which the successful implementation of this CertHE depended on the goodwill of local line managers and mentors.
The new training arrangements adopt a model more similar to that of the CertHE.
In the Trusts where it was offered, managers, mentors and PSOs viewed the CertHE as a popular and successful qualification.
Even allowing the widest possible definition of study to include all practice learning as well as academic learning time, it is no surprise that PSOs completing the 120-credit CertHE in a year found themselves under pressure.