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CRLCertificate Revocation List
CRLCenter for Responsible Lending
CRLCommunity Reference Laboratory (Dorset, UK)
CRLCenter for Research Libraries
CRLCentre Régional du Livre (French: Regional Book Center)
CRLClinical Reference Laboratory (Lenexa, KS)
CRLClinical Research Laboratories (various locations)
CRLComplete Response Letter (US FDA)
CRLCommunications Research Laboratory (Japan)
CRLCentre de Ressources en Langues (French: Language Resource Center)
CRLCentre Régional des Lettres (French: Regional Art Center)
CRLConsulting Radiologists, Ltd. (Minneapolis, MN)
CRLCommon Representation Language
CRLCore Reporting Level
CRLCommunications Research Laboratory
CRLCycle-Init Reverb Lockout
CRLCrown Rump Length (ultrasound fetal measurement)
CRLCenter for Research on Learning (University of Kansas)
CRLChina Resources Land (China Resources Group)
CRLChalk River Laboratories
CRLCertified Registered Locksmith
CRLCambridge Research Laboratory (Compaq)
CRLCancer Risk Level
CRLCustody Receipt Listing (US Air Force)
CRLContract Research Laboratory (various locations)
CRLCentre de Ressources Linguistiques (French: Center for Language Resources)
CRLCredit Risk Loan (finance)
CRLCurrent Rate of Load (shipping)
CRLChicago Rail Link
CRLContribution sur les Revenus de Locations (French: Rental Income Contribution; taxes)
CRLCoalition for Responsible Lending
CRLCeramics Research Laboratory (Nagoya Institute of Technology; Japan)
CRLCareer Resource Library
CRLCalifornia Redevelopment Law
CRLChemistry Research Laboratory
CRLCommon Runtime Library (computing)
CRLConsciousness Research Laboratory
CRLChalet Résidence Loisirs (French: Leisure Residence Chalet)
CRLCenter for Responsible Leadership (various locations)
CRLComputer Research Lab
CRLCentre de Réadaptation des Laryngectomisés (French rehabilitation center)
CRLCentro Retail Limited (Australia)
CRLCentral Regional Laboratory (EPA)
CRLCommon Runtime Language
CRLCanada Robotics Ltd. (British Columbia, Canada)
CRLCellule de Recherche en Linguistique (French)
CRLCountermeasure Readiness Levels
CRLCertified Reporting Limit
CRLCanons Regular of the Lateran (religious order)
CRLCountry Request Live
CRLCriminal Reference Letter (IRS)
CRLClinical Reference Library (database)
CRLComplete Reference Library (Mindscape)
CRLConventional Rotary Launcher
CRLCODA Readout Language
CRLConstruction Reference Line (engineering drawings)
CRLCOMSEC Requirements List
CRLCommercialization Readiness Level (NASA)
CRLCooperative Research Laboratory
CRLCoherent Reverse Link
CRLCricklewood Redevelopment Limited (UK)
CRLCable Running List (telecommunications)
CRLCommon Record Log
CRLChurngold Remediation Ltd
CRLCost Readiness Level (project cost estimation; US NASA)
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"Efficient Certificate Revocation List Organization and Distribution." Selected Areas in Communications, IEEE Journal 29(3), 595-604 IEEE Standard for Wireless Access in Vehicular Environments Security Services for Applications and Management Messages," IEEE Std 1609-2.
In [8] Raya presented the problem of certificate revocation and its importance, the research discussed the current methods of revocation and its weaknesses, and proposed a new protocols for certificate revocation including : Certificate Revocation List (CRL), Revocation using Compressed Certificate Revocation Lists (RC2RL), Revocation of the Tamper Proof Device (RTPD) and Distributed Revocation Protocol (DRP) stating the differences among them.
(4) A fourth message type, CRL, is defined for dissemination of certificate revocation lists. This message type is intended for use by PEM administrators, not end users, and thus is not addressed in this article.
CBRP data structures have been enriched by certificate cache table and CRL (certificate revocation list).
But an outside vendor that had been approached online would have to check a certificate revocation list to know that it should deny the transaction.
-- RSA BSAFE SSL-J software is designed to integrate easily with RSA BSAFE Cert-J to make certificate revocation list (CRL) support, and other higher-level certificate functionality, easier to administer and support.
Support for SHA2 (SHA-256) signature and RSA Encryption with 2048-bit key length Optionally support Certificate Transparency (RFC 6962) Support for Certificate Revocation Lists (CRLs) or Online Certificate Status Protocol (OCSP) Optionally support private hierarchies and special use case certificates with internal names or long validity periods Web based interface for full lifecycle management of all SSL Certificates with delegated user permissions and ability to renew certificates in advance honoring existing expiration date.
certificate revocation lists (CRLs) to all document verification systems
For example, Array's APV3600 and APV3650 appliances perform functions such as certificate revocation lists (CRL) on top of TCP/IP in the kernel to ensure high-performance for all SSL related tasks.
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