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DigiNotar is a certification authority that is a member of the Trusted Root Certification Authorities Store.
Leading certification authorities like VeriSign and Thawte were also targeted, as were Iranian dissident sites.
Tupolev Russian certification authorities have approved the latest variant of the Tupolev Tu-204, an executive version of the twin-jet.
It is the largest testing, inspection and certification organization, presenting certification services in more than 140 countries throughout the world, and one of the earliest certification authorities admitted by UKAS (United Kingdom Accreditation Service).
The required infrastructure to implement a digital signature system mainly consists from: digital certificates, server certificates, certification authorities (CA), facilities for the certificate management
Apart from complaining to a manager responsible for monitoring conformity with the ISO standard, the guide says certification authorities should be alerted.
It consists of two components, Suitable Trust Services Criteria and Illustrations for Security, Availability, Processing Integrity, Online Privacy, and Confidentiality (Including WebTrust and SysTrust), and Suitable Trust Services Criteria and Illustrations for WebTrust for Certification Authorities.
At a summit meeting earlier this year, the Internet's leading digital certification authorities (CA), web browser providers, digital certificate users, and representatives of the accounting profession and the Public Key Infrastructure (PKI) Forum discussed how to improve trust on the Internet., an AICPA Internet assurance service, uses to audit certification authorities (CAs).
'It is already apparent that there will be various systems of supervision and accreditation within each country, which will have a direct impact on certification authorities, certification service providers, regulatory and supervisory authorities, vendors of PKI products and legal bodies amongst others.
Hence, certification authorities will typically have their digital signatures verified by other certification authorities to build greater trust in the digital certificates they issue.
Right now there are numerous private- and state-accredited organic certification authorities, which use different standards -- a response to the differing needs and values of the consumers of organic foods.
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