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(In our experience, the 'deemed reliability' outcome of the approach contained in the UAE Federal Electronic Transactions Law does not have particularly strong appeal in the market, particularly where international technology providers offering electronic signature solutions with a very high level of technical security have been reluctant to have themselves licensed as Certification Service Providers in the UAE.)
Jassim Al Ali, FGB representative and Chief Executive Officer of First Gulf Properties (FGP), said "We are pleased to be named as an official 'Certification Service Provider' by the TRA and to bring FirstConnect, a new advanced internet banking platform, to First Gulf Bank customers.
Those requirements include, but are not limited to, the following: the witnessing of a handwritten signature or seal; a paper document's notarization, certification, acknowledgement, verification, attestation, or being made under oath; production of multiple copies of a paper document (where production of one electronic copy is sufficient); communication by registered or certified mail (provided that the electronic message is transmitted through the sender's Certification Service Provider and confirmed by him); and seller's provision of a notice to a consumer in writing.
A Certification Service Provider ("CSP") is not required to be licensed (accredited), (art.12.1) but voluntary accreditation (art.36-37) is available through the public authority established by the Minister.
Key sources referred to arrive at the global testing, inspection and certification market size include testing, inspection and certification service providers, industry associations and experts, documents available through the public domain, paid databases, and PMR's in-house data repository.
Back in 2002, Pakistan's first law on cyber-crime was enacted through Electronic Transactions Ordinance, which merely addressed a few crimes, as the main purpose of the Ordinance was to recognize and facilitate documents, records, information, communications, and transactions in electronic form, and to provide for the accreditation of certification service providers. Thus, it was a step towards the new era, till the promulgation of PECA, the provisions of this Ordinance were used to cover the cyber-crime.
Replying to a question, he said ECAC has enforcement powers to regulate Electronic transactions in public and private sectors and to provide accreditation of certification service providers.
Awarded by DNV GL Business Assurance Group, one of the world's largest certification service providers, the operator is one of a few transport industry players in the world to be certified.
This effort is supported by other certification service providers in Costa Rica, India, Indonesia, South Africa and Vietnam.
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