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Also on the website is a link to the Certified Nurse Educator (CNE) Handbook, which contains invaluable information and resources to promote success on the exam.
In 2005, I was one of the first 174 nurses in the US to be awarded Certified Nurse Educator (CNE) status, which is considered to be advanced practice in nursing education.
In September 2005, the first certified nurse educator exam was administered to 206 qualified academic nurse educators; of these, 174 nurse educators earned the CNE credential (Ortelli, 2006).
Events included presentations of awards to nurses who have acquired an advanced degree or a national certification within the past year including five doctorates, four MSN's, four MSN/Nurse Practitioner certifications, one Certified Nurse Educator certification, and five RN to BSN degrees.
She sees the future of OLN as promoting attendance at the NLN Education Summit; supporting Certified Nurse Educator status and general recognition of education as an advanced practice role and nursing specialty.
You can start today, for example, by joining your constituent league or preparing for the NLN Certified Nurse Educator (CNE) exam.
Credentialing is available as a certified nurse educator through the NLN, and eight core competencies reflective of roles and functions of academic nurse educators have been defined.
Menzel is a certified occupational health nurse specialist, a certified public health clinical nurse specialist, and a certified nurse educator. She helped to develop the safe patient handling module for a successful pilot study on changing nursing school curricula, funded by the U.S.
Information regarding certification as a Certified Nurse Educator by the National League for Nursing was also shared.
Potential writers had to be current NLN members, demonstrate expertise in nursing education, and meet criteria for applicants sitting for the certified nurse educator (CNE) exam.
You will be voting for president-elect and secretary, four members of the NLN Board of Governors, six members of our Strategic Steering Committee, and two members of the Certified Nurse Educator Board of Commissioners.
The NLN states: "There is specialized knowledge and preparation that is essential for practice as a nurse educator." prepofnursed02.htm To be a Certified Nurse Educator, applicants must hold a graduate degree in nursing.
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