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The class, taught by a Unity Health associate who is also a certified yoga instructor, allows participants to relax and refocus, which is imperative for those who work in a stressful field such as healthcare.
Susan Walsh, PsyD, psychologist and certified yoga instructor for Loyola's Sexual Wellness Clinic, said that distance and resentment can develop in marriages over time, but partner yoga can clear this negative energy and help a couple reconnect and become comfortable with touch and intimacy.
Besides looking at the usual underwriting inventory of facilities, experience and financials, a crucial element is whether the operator is a certified yoga instructor, he said.
In 2010 she became a certified yoga instructor and started leading regular classes on the base.
We learn of her waning enthusiasm for teaching as she begins her 12th year and how she turned to her practice as a Zen Buddhist and certified Yoga instructor as sources of renewal.
However, instructors at a studio or fitness facility can help people fine-tune poses, provide modifications, and answer questions, according to Ann Miller, a certified yoga instructor since 2002 and owner of All People Yoga Center.
Charlene Fox, a certified yoga instructor who taught classes at the Memorial Hermann Prevention and Recovery Center in Houston about a decade ago, found that at least some patients never progressed much beyond the stage of "I'm here because I was told to be" in their acceptance of yoga.
A certified yoga instructor comes to the facility, and for a nominal fee, Summit employees can learn about all aspects of yoga, including strengthening, flexibility, proper breathing, and meditation.
We added a weekly two hour Svaroopa Yoga class approximately six years ago with a paid certified yoga instructor.
Rountree's assurance in the opening pages of her guide that "yoga will make you a better athlete" is credible because she is, herself, a marathoner and triathlete, as well as a certified yoga instructor.
If you feel stress building, certified yoga instructor Susan Rubin, owner of Sage Yoga in Armonk, New York, suggests that you pay attention to your posture before your body gets tied up in knots.
A vegetarian, certified yoga instructor and consultant to Dr.
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