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CETUSConsortium for Educational Technology for University Systems
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When looking towards Cetus we are looking in completely the opposite direction to the galactic centre, towards the South Galactic Pole (which is actually in nearby Sculptor).
Cetus Investment has also conditionally committed to fund, subject to commercial and technical evaluation, the next stage of the company's exploration, appraisal and well development programme in Colombia, a minimum of GBP5m and a maximum of GBP10m, either by arranging third party debt for the company or by self-funding options.
NGC 253 is situated only 50' from the Cetus border and around 4.
The agreement grants CETUS exclusive rights to market LifeAssays' products in the Icelandic point-of-care market.
That was being crafted elsewhere, especially in Berkeley, where a handful of scientists with their colleagues from Stanford founded the biomedical firm Cetus.
The square tubular unit is bolted to the cut wire to give the appearance of a purpose-made unit from the Troax wire mesh fencing systems, including Cetus, Musca and Caelum, and items from other leading machine fence ranges.
Astronomers may recognize that the word is also used for the constellation Cetus, but even they are likely to limit its meaning to the physical constellation lying above the equator containing the variable star Mira.
The soldiers, who are part of exercise CETUS 06, have spent the past 12 days and nights firing hundreds of high explosive, smoke and illuminating rounds from their artillery guns.
Top firms are Biogen SA, Cetus Corp, DuPont, Eli Lilly, Genentech, Genex Corp, IPRI, Monsanto and Phillips Petroleum.
We have previously revealed how his firms, Halo Designs, Cetus Research and Scintilla took registration fees for work that never paid out.
Cetus was one of the first modern start-up biotech companies.