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CEUTACentro de Estudios Uruguayo de Tecnologías Apropiadas (Spanish: Uruguayan Study Center of Appropriate Technologies)
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Ceuta was to prove a disappointment as far as finding gold was concerned.
Until the mid-1980s, the citizens of Ceuta and Melilla of Berber origin had neither Spanish nor Moroccan nationality.
Spain's two enclaves in Morocco, Ceuta and Melilla, are often used as entry points into Europe for African migrants, who either climb over their border fences or try to swim along the coast.
Aunque es poco habitual que el Ministerio difunda estos videos, esta vez lo hizo en una conferencia de prensa del ministro Jorge Fernandez Diaz, quien anuncio la captura de ocho miembros de una celula hispano-marroqui de Al Qaeda que opera en Ceuta y en la ciudad marroqui de Castillejos, a la cual atribuyo la cooptacion de por lo menos 50 jovenes enviados a combatir contra el regimen de Assad.
It was revealed that "dozens of people, some minor, had left both Ceuta and Moroccan territory under the cover of this terrorist network," the statement continued.
The injured were ferried to hospitals in Tetouan, Fnideq and M'diq, near Ceuta, the Moroccan police said, adding that the driver of the bus was among them.
The cause of the stampede was not immediately known, but it occurred when about 200 people tried to climb steep stairs near a bridge used daily by thousands of Moroccans who buy merchandise in Ceuta and resell it in Morocco.
The Moroccan boy and two Spaniards, who were also in the car, were arrested after the attempt was foiled on Wednesday by police dogs sniffing cars at a border crossing at Ceuta, Civil Guard spokesman Alfonso Cruzado said.
French Socialist MEP Martine Roure has said she was "pleasantly surprised" by her recent visit, along with 17 other Euro-MPs, to immigrant reception centres in the Spanish enclaves of Ceuta and Melilla neighbouring Morocco.
Marruecos acaba de reclamar el final de la ocupacion de las plazas de Ceuta y Melilla, ciudades espanolas de regimen autonomo y situadas en el norte de Africa.
Contract notice: Supply and installation of luminaires for the increase of the energy efficiency of public lighting in district 9 of the autonomous city of ceuta