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CFVCardfight Vanguard (Japanese media franchise)
CFVCall Forwarding Variable
CFVCall for Votes
CFVCentraal Fonds Volkshuisvesting (Dutch: Central Fund for Housing; financial regulator)
CFVCystic Fibrosis Victoria (Australia)
CFVCavalry Fighting Vehicle
CFVControl de Funciones Vitales (Spanish: Control Vital Functions)
CFVCommon Femoral Vein
CFVClean Fuel Vehicle
CFVCall Forward Variable (telephone service)
CFVCommercial Fishing Vessel
CFVConstraints in Formal Verification (workshop)
CFVClub Français du Vin (French: French Wine Club)
CFVChemin de fer de la Vendée (French: Vendee Railway; Mortagne-sur-Sèvre, France)
CFVcerebral flow velocity
CFVCommando Force of Victory (gaming clan)
CFVCeasefire Violation
CFVCars Fleury Voyages (French transportation company)
CFVCall For Vote(s) (newsgroup establishment)
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Redgeway Russell of the CFV Little Shell, MPA Community Coordinator Marilyn Penney and James Russell of Williams Harbour assisted in field sampling.
In June 2016, there was one CFV, meanwhile, there have been 26 such CFV reported till Monday.
The study reported involvement of iliofemoral segment in 16%, CFV in 13%, SFV in 19%, PV in 18%, calf veins in 24% and superficial veins in 11%.
To help CFV operators and workers, the government agency will establish new fishing grounds for them by setting up 30 payaw (artificial reefs) or fish aggregating devices, in the sea, he said.
The CFV may be mounted with either countersunk head or hex head screws - it features four detent positions of -90[degrees], 0[degrees], +70[degrees] and +115[degrees], all detent positions providing a resistant torque of 3 Nm which is the torque required to free the detent device - and is tested to 20,000 operations.
For mechanical ventilation and tracheotomies, the CFV system integrates with the ventilator circuit to fully saturate up to 40 Lpm of inspired gas at body temperature without risking circuit condensation.
In contrast to the above mentioned literature, in the present report, EJV on left side is the continuation of the anterior division of CFV, which coursed obliquely downwards to cross the midline and drain into the opposite subclavian vein (right).
Este hallazgo no fue tan claro para la CFV (Tabla 4).
CFV (2003) Verslag financieel toezicht woningcorporaties 2003 [Report of financial supervision housing associations 2003], Naarden: Centraal Fonds voor de Volkshuisvesting.
MAG Canada has been transitioning into responsibility for Boehringer, Cincinnati Machine (excluding FTV, CFV, VCNC, and HTC series machines), Fadal, Giddings & Lewis, Hessapp, MAG Powertrain, Turmatic Systems, and Cincinnati Automation products in Canada.
Results of CFV total wrist arthroplasty: Review and early report.