CHBEChemical and Biomolecular Engineering
CHBEChemical and Biological Engineering
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Members of the CHBE team have since developed that map and undertaken installation of benches in partnership with the CWG.
Map unit Unit name Landform Ke Kenmuir Hill Ke var Kenmuir (var) Hill KeBe Kemuir--Beauaraba Hill MaCh Majuba--Charlton Hill KeM Kenmuir (stony)--Mallard Hill KegM Kenmuir (gravelly)--Mallard Hill KeS Kenmuir (stony)--Southbrook Hill Kegs Kenmuir (gravelly)--Southbrook Hill ChBe Charlton--Beauaraba Ridge Bep Beauaraba--Purrawunda Ridge A Aubigny Valley B Burton Valley IP Irving--Purrawunda Valley ChG Charlton--Craigmore Valley K Knapdale Valley Ir Irongate Valley Mu Murlaggan Valley Ry Ramsay Valley Yo Yarranlea--Oakview Gentle slope WcT1 Waco (with type 1) Alluv.
Jeanne Batacan, CMA, ICCE, CLC, CD, CHBE, has been teaching childbirth education and breastfeeding classes for nearly thirty years.