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CHABChemistry and Applied Biosciences (various universities)
CHABConfederate Historical Association of Belgium (Brussels, Belgium)
CHABCyanobacterial Harmful Algal Blooms
CHABCentre for the Human-Animal Bond (Purdue University School of Veterinary Medicine; West Lafayette, IN)
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gong sa mchog gis chab srid kyi mdzad 'gan yongs rdzogs 'os 'dems byas pa'i 'go khrid tshos 'gan khur dgos pa'i gsung 'phrin dang bka' slob stsalb.
the Dalai Lama, Chab srid lam ston, (1960-86) (gsum bcu'i gsung 'phrin dang bka' slob phyogs bsgrigs) Bod gzhung dril bsgrag khang nas snar thang par khang, du bskrun, Dharamsala, 1986.
net, by being released in March, Chab Mami would have served half of his sentence.
Este conjunto de artistas surrealistas argentinos, que termina de definirse en la decada del sesenta, muestra una amplia gama de formulaciones posibles dentro de los limites de la corriente: desde el refinado minimalismo arquitectonico de Roberto Aizemberg, hasta el barroquismo de Noe Nojechowiz; desde el organicismo Jorge Kleiman -- con alguna relacion al Matta de la primera epoca- hasta un cierto tenebrismo de Victor Chab.
With: Nada Abou Farhat, Georges Khabbaz, Rawya E1 Chab.
CHAB was formed in 1993 as a citizen advisory committee to advise the local board of health on matters of public health policy.
The largest diamond found in Chab 05-19, the last of nine drill holes, measured 1.
Chil Himenoptera: Apidae/ Meliponidae Chanul chab Homoptera Himenoptera: Formicidae Xanich Coleoptero Xulton Carabidae: Calosoma Peces Chay Anfibios Plectohyla ixi Ch'uch Ptycohyla sp Ch'uch Rana maculata Ch'uch Hyla chaneque Ch'uch Elautherodeutylus laticeps Ch'uch Elautherodeutylus sp.
Tales of the Unexpected still has a sprinkling of the progressive trance from stalwarts Chab and Gabriel & Dresden that is the label's backbone, but there are tunes from Slam, Roysopp and Ada thrown in too.
Some tissues were also spread onto CHAB medium containing antibiotics (10), incubated at 37[degrees]C for 7 days, and checked daily for F.