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Stories gradually gathered round his name as they had gathered round the name of Arthur, and he came to be looked upon as the champion of the people against the Norman tyrants.
Ironically, this portrait, while not as personally flattering to Jackson, in reality grants him more importance--for, if nothing else, the poor example he set--than does the naive "Champion of the People" caricature.
I've always considered him a champion of the people because of his work on important issues like auto safety and the living wage.
'But most importantly, apart from being well-known in Umno, he must be the champion of the people's voice and close to their hearts,' he said.
He is a true champion of the people, said the senator.
I thought about the sad cruelty of the illness - here is the man who, via the radio airwaves, has been the trusted, highly-respected champion of the people over many years now unable to fix it for himself.
Whether remembered as a legendary champion of the people or a ruthless bandit, Doroteo Arango, better known as Pancho Villa (1878-1923), is little understand despite being one of the best- known figures of Mexican history.
Tributes poured in from all corners of society yesterday hailing him a legend and champion of the people.
Instead of understandably putting his responsibilities to one side, he clearly wants to ensure he remains a champion of the people.
But what I do object to is the national press trying to make his attacker out to be some kind of hero and champion of the people for his actions.
The country's foreign minister Nabil Shaath added at a news conference in Dublin: "Margaret has been a champion of the people of Iraq.
But it's pleasing to observe how the paper has taken on its role as a champion of the people and a force to be reckoned with and has made decision-makers sit up and take notice and shaken a few feathers in the council chambers, particularly leader Mike Whitby's extravagant unnecessary expenditure during 2006.