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CRQContinuous Repeat Request
CRQCommand Response Queue
CRQChange Request
CRQClub de Rugby de Québec (Canadian rugby club)
CRQConstructed Response Question (education)
CRQCustomer Relationship Quality
CRQConrail Quality (railroads)
CRQCall Request
CRQChampionnat de Rallye du Québec (French: Quebec Rally Championship; Canada)
CRQCorporation des Restaurateurs de Québec (French: Restoration Corporation of Quebec; Canada)
CRQContrôle routier Québec
CRQCosta Rica Quest (tour package; travel)
CRQCommon Recall Queue (IBM mainframes, dataset management)
CRQCollision Resolution Queue
CRQClaim Reunderwriting Query (insurance)
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First of all identify the Current change request that comes from different stakeholders and users, 2) Formulate the Change, Set requirements that need to be changed, Goals and Measurements, 3) Change is accepted or rejected by the project manager.
The basis of the Bill is to provide an objective evidence based process to scope of practice change requests with the need to demonstrate a public benefit to include cost/benefit analysis.
The most common change request I've experienced is that a function "needs to be added to the Main Menu," often without any consideration of volume associated with the function, whether there is a so-called Main Menu, or the extent to which the particular function even fits into the highest level of an information architecture.
Having already found that the IRS acted within its discretion in rejecting Lattice's accounting method change request under then-existing case law as applied to Lattice's circumstances, the court stated that it did not need to speculate whether the IRS would have reached a different conclusion if considering a similarly situated taxpayer in a circuit where the case law supported a different conclusion.
Specific topics include a realistic model of real-time systems for efficient scheduling, an adaptive framework architecture for radio-frequency identification applications, three productivity perspectives on the model-based engineering of software, specifying and refining contracts with environment changes, the automatic classification of software change request using multi-label machine-learning methods, and decentralized reasoning in ambient intelligence.
Under the current Price Change Request policy framework, the regulator approves the prices of services in the UAE on the basis of either using UAE-specific costs of Etisalat's national network or international benchmarks.
Under the current Price Change Request policy, the regulator approves the prices of services in the UAE on the basis of either using UAE-specific costs of etisalat's national network or international benchmarks.
In addition, it has documented, and is largely following, its change request review and approval process, which reflects key aspects of relevant guidance, such as having defined roles and responsibilities and a hierarchy of control boards.
Public hearing on zone change request for Bolton Hill Ranch, swimming pool survey results.
It was also agreed that any requirement for increasing the system's functionality over the three-year agreement would be treated as an official "Change Request."
Since this required a change to the ASAE bylaws, the MDC sent their bylaws change request to the Board of Trustees, who agreed to amend the bylaws accordingly.
Its program management office includes: status reporting; change request; service provider performance and problem ticket tracking.