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With Chemlock, Mykrolis cartridges lock into the bowl allowing quicker, easier and safer filter changeout.
The Chemlock PP Housing offers a virtually hands-free, quick and easy cartridge changeout that limits the handling of hazardous chemicals during the installation and disposal processes while ensuring maximum cleanliness.
For one machine with an 80 gal sump, the cash saving of five coolant changeouts per year are significant: $400 per year for 20 gal of coolant at $20 per gal; $800 per year for 400 gal of spent coolant disposal at $2 per gal; $400 per year for four man-hours per changeout, or 20 man-hours per year at $20 per man-hour.
Helicopters that had or still have the old transponder computer kit-1C/TSEC (NSN 7021-01253-5641) had a battery that was marked with a 180-day changeout.
A maintenance-friendly Camber system is said to allow for ease of access to the collector and fast cartridge changeout.
has introduced the USTS Universal Steam Trap Station, designed for rapid and easy testing, isolation and changeout of steam traps.
To overcome the time constraints associated with testing on weekends, TCT modified an existing LM6000 PC package into a quick changeout test cell, and adapted it to accommodate PA engines also.
When the valve is declutched it can be locked in any position, allowing maintenance, function testing or changeout of the actuator without interrupting the process or compromising the process management systems.
Fan/blower bearings in the plant's hydrochloric acid (HC1) unit were failing every few months; in one case, failure occurred just a few days after a bearing changeout.
I changeout of my 'slobbing around' clothes, usually a ripped sweatshirt andleggings.
Company to Offer Discount on Wood Pellet Fuel to Keene Homeowners Who Changeout to Pellet Stoves
It is available with a Quick Seal drum lid mechanism that readily latches open and shut to expedite emptying or changeout of the drum and exerts heavy mechanical pressure on the lid in the closed position, creating a tight gasketed seal that prevents dust migration.