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During the financing period, more than 57,000 poor small and marginal farmer households living on the chars of the Meghna estuary in Bhola, Chattogram and Noakhali districts will directly benefit from the project.
He specifically emphasized that during the festivals and Char Dham Yatra, no jam situation should be there in Haridwar.
Rooms at the Ksar Char Bagh hotel are priced up to APS1,800 per night, and guests were required to wear black tie.
Lambs sired by a Char ram: 1) JA Gwalchmai, Minffordd; 2 & 3) DS Jerman, Gwernau.
Holly was clearly enamoured with Char as she said: "She's something a little bit special isn't she, her eyes look like they have make-up on them."
The carbon char contains less than 10% volatiles, the coal oil liquids evaporated and condensed at these temperatures are of high enough quality to allow further refining into transportation fuels and the non-condensable synthetic gas containing a heat value of 18.5 megajoules per cubic meter (mJ/[m.sup.3]) is recirculated for heating of the mild gasification reactor with some excess gas available for co-generation or reforming.
Old season lambs (3678) - Luckenburn (BTex) PS166; Wester Upper Urquhart (Suff ) PS154; Nether Strathkinnes and Dullomuir and Strone (Tex) PS147; Newmains (Chev) PS147; Kilmundie (X) PS144; Assloss (Mule) PS136; Dunruchan (BF) PS138.50; Wester Kepdowrie (Char) PS138.
Because the reactivity of biomass char outclasses coke, Ueda et al.
The effect of the catalytic and cracking of lignite pyrolysis char in tar is best when the heating rate, the pyrolysis temperature, the volatiles of pyrolysis char, particle size is in specific conditions.(2) The activation of pyrolysis char can improve the catalytic effect of pyrolysis char on the tar cracking.
The prepared sample was kept for proximate, ultimate, and thermal analyses, as well as for char preparation.
The Char Mausum (Four Seasons) - just off the A1, a few miles south of Morpeth - has been wowing customers old and new with its delicious cuisine.
Her officemates, who also had the same observation, said some eateries fail to cook the food well despite repeatedly reminding them not to char the meat.