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We look forward to refreshing the property to meet the character level of the people who work here.
According to Facebook, DeepText can perform word level and character level learning by leveraging deep neural network architectures.
Further, behavioral characteristics at the character level derived from Dana E.
And judging by my character level and the amount of achievements still to unlock, it looks as if I have a long road ahead of me.
Though nearly sabotaged by the ridiculous sexual subplot at its center, this soul-searching drama works best at the character level, couching insights about sin and forgiveness under the guise of conventional genre entertainment.
At the plot and character level there is something here for those who have progressed to Level 4 and enjoy descriptive work.
A comparison of external cause codes was made between the Hanoi coder and the Australian coder, which showed 12% of the codes were assigned the same complete code, and 40% of cases were assigned the same code at three character level.
Likewise, Olivia's attraction to Cesario carries a different degree of irony when the implied female homoeroticism on the character level (Olivia falling in love with Viola) is juxtaposed with the actor-level male homoeroticism in the relationship between Olivia (Bruce-Lockhart) and Viola's twin brother Sebastian (Joe Flynn), which was heavily sexualized in this production (at one point, Sebastian stood nude before Olivia in her bedroom).
Identifies content at both a paragraph and character level
Also included are image data export capabilities, content identification at a paragraph and character level, style sheet and colour definition export, batch process functionality, Auto Document Type Definition, user configurable setup and support for UTF-8, UTF-16, ISO-8859 and ASCII/Unicode.