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In this way, it could avoid separation and the game's characteristic function satisfies super additivity [24].
To a given characteristic function [lambda] over P, we can assign an n x m [Z.sub.2]-matrix [LAMBDA] by ordering the facets and choosing a basis {[e.sub.1], ..., [e.sub.n]} of [Z.sup.n.sub.2] by
One can see that Definition 2 is inspired by the usual characteristic function x of Q, which is defined as
In each single stage game r, the characteristic function V(S),S [subset] N is defined by V(S) = Val[[GAMMA].sub.SN\S], where Val[[GAMMA].sub.SN\S] is a value of zero-sum game played between coalition S acting as player 1 and coalition N\S acting as player 2.
This function will be very close to the characteristic function [[DELTA].sub.l]([lambda]).
To find an approximating density function of temperature, inversion formula will be applied to the characteristic function of the temperature defined in (15).
We compare the performance of the introduced U-statistic for the tail index with the well-known methods, including maximum likelihood, empirical characteristic function, sample quantile, and that introduced in Mohammadi et al.
If the parameter [beta] = 0, X is called symmetric a stable distribution (S[alpha]S), its characteristic function can be expressed as (2), and when [alpha] = 2, which is the same as the characteristic function of Gaussian distribution,
However, the estimation of the symmetry parameter [beta] and location parameter [mu] can be calculated with the estimated value of [alpha] and [gamma], resulting in cumulative error propagation of such [beta] and [mu] Meanwhile, because the characteristic function of a stable distribution is intermittent in x = 1, the estimation error is particularly serious in [beta] [not equal to] 0 and [alpha] [right arrow] 1.
The statistical properties of this new class, such as mean, variance, standard deviation, mean deviation, kurtosis, skewness, moment generating function, characteristic function and graphical analysis, are derived.
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