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CHFCongestive Heart Failure
CHFChronic Heart Failure
CHFSwiss Franc (ISO currency code)
CHFCommunication(s) Handling Facilities
CHFChemical Heritage Foundation (Philadelphia, PA)
CHFCooperative Housing Foundation (est. 1952)
CHFColorado Health Foundation (Denver, CO)
CHFCommunity Health Facility (various organizations)
CHFChildren's Hunger Fund
CHFCommunity Health Foundation (various locations)
CHFContract History File
CHFCritical Hot Fix
CHFCommon Humanitarian Fund (Sudan)
CHFCritical Heat Flux
CHFCanadian Hunger Foundation
CHFConsumers' Health Forum of Australia
CHFCongenital Hepatic Fibrosis
CHFChi Heng Foundation (est. 1998; Hong Kong)
CHFCarolinas HealthCare Foundation (Carolinas HealthCare System)
CHFChina History Forum
CHFCold Hard Flash (Adobe Flash software)
CHFCarnegie Hero Fund
CHFCooperative Housing Federation
CHFContactorgaan Hypothecair Financiers
CHFCharacteristic Function
CHFChild Health Foundation (Nigeria)
CHFCentre Half Forward (football position)
CHFCoupled Hartree-Fock
CHFCentre d'Études Homéopathiques de France (French: Homeopathic Studies Center of France)
CHFChambres d'Hôtes en France (French: Bed and Breakfast in France)
CHFChristiaan Huygens Foundation (Delft, The Netherlands)
CHFConfoederatio Helvetia Franc (Swiss national currency)
CHFCatholic Handicapped Fellowship (UK)
CHFCenterpartiets Högskoleförbund, (Swedish: Centre Party University Organization)
CHFCumulative Hazard Function
CHFCongregation of the Holy Family
CHFCyclophosphamide, Hexamethylmelamine, 5-Fluorouracil (cancer drug regimen)
CHFChemical Hazard Factor
CHFComputer Hardware Fundamentals (course)
CHFConsolidated History File
CHFContainer Handling Facility
CHFChristian Homeschoolers Fellowship
CHFContract/Contractor History File
CHFCapital and Hope Foundation (various locations)
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Using expansions (11) and (12), it is possible to obtain mathematical quantities of the special model such as ordinary and central moments, moment generating and characteristic functions, general coefficient, Renyi entropy and some others from quantities exponentiated of exponential distribution.
k] are the k -derivative of the first order characteristic function and the second characteristic function at the origin respectively.
The mixed method of synthesis of vibrating systems is based on the distribution of the characteristic function, in the form [Y.
A line that followed a curvature up or down indicated a lack of ability of the characteristic function to model the data.
g] (r) as r [right arrow] [infinity] is called the growth of f with respect to g in terms of their Nevanlinna's characteristic functions.
As was the case in the preceding simulation, test characteristic functions were similar across models except at low abilities (see Fig.
Next, by using the above characteristic functions, we establish an equivalent conclusion as follows:
MATHEMATICAL EXPRESSION NOT REPRODUCIBLE IN ASCII] The characteristic function normalized value of the company for market segment i at time h
159) According to the Roberts Court, a group that cultivates and transmits shared ideals and beliefs--the first characteristic function of intimate associations--provides the societal benefits of increased diversity and separation between the individual and the power of the state.
We first provide the framework of bankruptcy problems, as well as cooperative games in characteristic function form.
For each subset S of N, the characteristic function v of a game gives the amount v(S) that members of S can be sure of receiving if they act together and form a coalition.
1 A random variable X is said to have an Esscher transformed Laplace (ETL) distribution if there exists a parameter [theta] [member of] R, [absolute value of [theta]] < 1 such that the characteristic function of X has the form
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