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CEXConsumer Expenditure Survey
CEXCustomer Experience (management)
CEXCation Exchange (chromatography)
CEXCommunication Executive
CEXCrypto Express
CEXCurrency Exchanger Rate
CEXComputer Exchange
CEXCharge Exchange
CEXCentre of Excellence (Indian Institute of Management Kozhikode; Kozhikode, Kerala, India)
CEXComplete Entertainment Exchange (Boston, MA)
CEXExtrinsic Collector Capacitance (transistors)
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Valve lift curves of serial product are implemented for inlet and outlet valves to ensure realistic charge exchange procedures.
The papers are grouped into topics that include iron L- and K-shell diagnostics, helium-like transmissions, non-equilibrium plasma diagnostics, XAFs and charge exchange diagnostics, X-ray diagnostics for neutron stars, and X-ray spectral analysis of individual sources.
ARENA Deputy Norman Quijano brushed aside the constitutional problem saying that the measure was not dollarization, but rather "an opening." The greatest benefit would fall to consumers, he said, because banks would not charge exchange fees.
Let us suppose that the country banks were able to charge exchange fees on bank notes in excess of redemption costs.
This conversion process, known as charge exchange, occurs when energetic ions in a particular population pick up electrons from the neutral hydrogen atoms that occupy the outer reaches of Earth's atmosphere.
Because pulsed IV measurements eliminate the low frequency responses to self-heating and charge exchange with deep-level traps, they provide a much better correlation to RF behavior.
Bookmakers, who under the present levy hand over ten per cent of gross profits, argue betting exchanges are receiving favourable treatment by paying levy only on the commission they charge exchange users.