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Smith (age 85) transferred property worth $100,000 to a charitable lead unitrust that is a grantor trust.
3) Multiply the value of the property transferred to the charitable lead unitrust ($100,000) by the single life unitrust factor for a person age 85 at a 5% payout rate (.
Options generally used to reduce estate and gift taxes are the charitable lead annuity trust and the charitable lead unitrust.
The charitable lead unitrust (CLUT) can be an attractive option to fund the rollout, especially when the insurance trust is structured to be a generation-skipping trust.
To be qualified, a charitable lead interest must be in the form of (1) a guaranteed annuity (a charitable lead annuity trust (CLAT)) or (2) a unitrust (a charitable lead unitrust (CLUT)).
These include the family limited partnership, charitable lead annuity trust, charitable lead unitrust, and the demand trust.
Charitable lead unitrusts (CLUTs) distribute a fixed percentage of the net fair market value of the trust property, determined annually.
This distinction is independent of the structure of the payments and can apply to both charitable lead annuity trusts and charitable lead unitrusts.
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