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CHASComprehensive Housing Affordability Strategy
CHASContractors Health and Safety Assessment Scheme (UK)
CHASCenter for Health Administration Studies
CHASDivision of Chemical Health and Safety (American Chemical Society; also seen as DCHAS)
CHASChicago High School for Agricultural Sciences
CHASChemical Hazard Assessment System
CHASCorporate Headquarters Administrative Services (State Farm Insurance)
CHASChild Health and Safety (Royal Children's Hospital; Australia)
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It must be a work of time to ascertain that no injury had been done to the spine; but Mr Robinson found nothing to increase alarm, and Charles Musgrove began, consequently, to feel no necessity for longer confinement.
If there is anything disagreeable going on men are always sure to get out of it, and Charles is as bad as any of them.
As Charles went out to the garage, he was reminded at every step of the woman who had loved him and whom he could never replace.
She was quite a poor woman--the house had been all her dowry, and the house would come to Charles in time.
At the word loveliness, Julia raised her eyes to his face with a slight blush--it was new language for Charles Weston to use, and it was just suited to her feelings.
You use strong language, cousin Charles, such as is unusual for you.
None of the men of the neighborhood had dared to join; they stood in the road whispering, and occasionally venturing to laugh at the jests of a couple of tramps who had stopped to see the fun, and who cared nothing for Sir Charles.
I have just had the pleasure of meeting Sir Charles for the first time, and we shall be the best friends possible when I have convinced him that it is hardly fair to seize on a path belonging to the people and compel them to walk a mile and a half round his estate instead of four hundred yards between two portions of it.
1] "A Modern Artist: Notes on the Work of Charles Strickland," by Edward Leggatt, A.
Maurice Huret in his famous article gave an outline of Charles Strickland's life which was well calculated to whet the appetites of the inquiring.
You just now spoke of a deposit which the late king transmitted through you to his son -- are you, then, one of those Frenchmen who, as I have heard, endeavored to carry off Charles I.
I received, at the same time, the last word of Charles I.