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CHARTAChesapeake Area Recreational Therapy Association (Washington, DC)
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Coke provides the gloss: 'neither the king, nor any of his baylies, or ministers, shall take the wood of any other'-'nec alii boscum'-'for the kings castles, or other necessaries to be done, but by the license of him whose wood it is' (Coke on Magna Charta, 35).
Shahid Khan said that "Charta Khanan, Charta Malangan" was produced with an estimated cost of Rs.
The expressed desire of many members of the Civic Alliance as well as of a wide category of the Romanian society, it is constituted, today, the 55h of May, a group of initiative who should elaborate the statute and the program which are meant to lay the foundation of a modern and dynamic political party whose political platform should be inspired from the Charta of Civic Alliance and also from the experience of similar political movements from Eastern and Central Europe.
The Statutes at Large, from the Magna Charta to the End of the Eleventh Parliament of Great Britain, Anno 1761.
at 531 ("There is nothing in Magna Charta [sic], rightly construed as a broad charter of public right and law, which ought to exclude the best ideas of all systems and of every age; and as it was the characteristic principle of the common law to draw its inspiration from every fountain of justice, we are not to assume that the sources of its supply have been exhausted.
Amir Zaidan, "Die Charta (Verfassung) von Medina," www.
Recent publications and studies of the WCC-ETE programme, particularly the World Study Report on Theological Education from 2010 and the ETE reference document "Magna Charta on Ecumenical Theological Education," have given helpful suggestions on how to spell out the relevance of theological education for the unity of the church by strengthening ecumenical learning and formation, by courses on world Christianity and ecumenics and by international research partnerships in theological education.
46) calls for "Ein atlas von Karten die zu der Underweisung und asslesunge der Charta Marina .
The WADA Code is mandatory under Olympic Charta Rule 10 and therefore the "reading of the two documents together" makes the Osaka Rule a sanction (see section 8.
Antje Heider-Rottwilm, "Die Charta Oecumenica als Basis fur Okumenische Netzwerke heute," pp.
Bastian Baumann, the former head of Europe's respected higher education body the Magna Charta Observatory of Fundamental University Values, believes academics worldwide would be "astonished" to learn of the Welsh Government's intentions.