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CBiolChartered Biologist (UK)
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Critique: Impressively informative and a welcome addition to both community and academic library collections, "Ten Women Who Changed Science and the World" by the team of chartered biologist Catherine Whitlock and science writer Rhodri Evans is enhanced for the reader with the inclusion of a nine page Glossary, a two page bibliographic listing of Other Titles, and an eleven page Index.
He has been a chartered biologist and science teacher for more than 22 years and has a host of educational achievements and has received numerous awards for innovative science teaching, including Further Education Teacher of T the Year.
Mr Harrington, a chartered biologist, claims it can give plants immunity from pest attack, make them resistant to disease and withstand drought too.
Dr Andrew Clatworthy, a chartered biologist and forensic scientist, told the inquest all four were found to have traces of cannabis in their blood and alcohol in their urine.
Nigel Binns, a Rentokil chartered biologist, says the reason for Scotland's appalling record on vermin has baffled boffins.
Mr Gillatt, a chartered biologist, said that after his food ran out he survived onplants and water from streams.
A chartered biologist and science teacher for more than 22 years, Dr Spencer is also post-16 science representative on the UK's Science of Stage Steering Group and Nuffield Council Bioethics Education Group.
Mr Hambridge is a chartered biologist and a mem- ber of the International Institute of Risk and Safety Management and the International Federation of Hospital Engineers.
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