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Celebrating and promoting multiculturalism within the Chatham-Kent community is an important initiative, one to which Scribendi hopes to contribute by proudly displaying its Chatham-Kent Welcome Network membership sticker for customers and employees to see.
This was not possible for Chatham-Kent because of the large number of constituent municipalities (twenty-two).
This year, the company created a Heritage Tree Project to nominate native and well-known trees in the Chatham-Kent area.
In 1998, the municipality of Chatham-Kent was formed by the amalgamation of 23 independent communities with a mandate from the provincial government of Ontario to cut costs and streamline local government procedures.
On another front, there is confusion concerning litigation between the federal government and the municipality of Chatham-Kent and a Mr.
With the Ridge landfill, BFI will compete for the disposal of IC&I waste from the GTA as well as the Chatham-Kent area.
Engineering professor Rupp Carriveau will study data from the Kruger Energy wind farms in Chatham-Kent.
QPS are proud members of the Chatham-Kent Home Builders Association, the HRAI (Heating, Refrigeration, and Air Conditioning Institute of Canada), Chatham-Kent Mechanical Contractors Association and TSSA (Technical Safety Standards Authority).
In this regard, Chief Fontaine commended the Friends of Caldwell group who have interacted with local leaders and politicians in the south Chatham-Kent area, with the aim of promoting a common understanding with their First Nations neighbors.
a designer and manufacturer of data communications networks for utilities, today announced a contract with Ontario's Chatham-Kent Hydro Inc.
The Municipality of Chatham-Kent in Ontario applied to become a Welcoming Community through the Community Partnership Settlement Plan process and was recently accepted.
To expand a homework club program to more rural areas of Chatham-Kent in order to better serve individuals and families with learning disabilities.