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However, late variety of mango like Chausa, Langra and Desheri, which are available in UP and Bihar, have also tremendous potential for export from
Standardization of leaf-sampling technique for mineral composition of leaves of mango cultivar Chausa. Scientia Horticulturae, Amsterdan, v.13, p.323-329, 1980.
("Fortz chausa es que tot lo major dan" 43-45) [But God wills it; for if he had not wanted this, And if you, Lord [Richard I], had lived, without fail, They would have had to flee Syria.] (19) According to Faidit, the defeat of the crusaders conformed to God's will. (centering on freedom within America and the Catholic tradition of speaking out against the challenges or threats to what are essential to the well-being of individuals and society).
di] redurre illunicho figlo a piu onesti termini, Cordialissimamente si dolgha dela chomp[agni]a di questa putrida e sensuale carne, la chui chontagione e chausa del suo intolerabile afanno e pare che via piu si dolgha che, essendo anco tempo di schifare tanto naufragio insensato e cecho, non vogli ritrarsi dal perigloso viaggio: anzi chontinuamente chonresolvata chortisci la chatena chon la quale legato si dia al demonio prigione, e chome aspito per perseverare in la sua iniquita, per non udire la parte rationale, la or che che chi assorda, e se pensando si grave pietade m'assale di noi medesimi, che non so chome pare che mi chonetingino a lacrimare/
The ambassador presented the minister with the Pakistani Mission's Newsletter and a Pakistani "Chausa", a mango known globally as the "King of Kings".
"I am sure the event will result in giving a further fillip to the exports of processed and fresh fruits and vegetables from the country and ensuring that new markets open up and besides Alphonso, and Kesar, other varieties grown in the northern states like Langda, Dusshery, Totapari, Chausa, Sindoori will also get visibility.
The incident took place in Chausa block of Buxar district, south-western district some 130km from Patna.
Langda, Chausa and Sindhri mangoes from Pakistan, too, enjoy substantial following in the GCC markets.