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CHAVICenter for HIV/AIDS Vaccine Immunology (US NIAID)
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The word may be derived from the Romany chavi for child.
The chav is "a young working-class person who dresses in casual sports clothes (perhaps from Romany chavi, a child)".
So there are no plans to cut back until the cult of the Chav (believed to come from the mid-19th century Romany word chavi, meaning child) has abated?
Chavi is a young girl who proves that with a little determination and creativity she can do anything.
We have just finished putting our own debut album, Chavi, together with 10 original tracks.
Avraham Moshe and Chavi Adamkar, of London, decided to spend the happiest day of their lives making others happy.
The round also saw participation from seasoned entrepreneurs and investors Manish Amin, Pallav Pandey (Co-founder Knowlarity, Broex), Chavi Jafa (Head-Business Solutions, S.
Amit Sehgal, Paras Gupta, Amit Kumar, Chavi Sethi, Ajai Vikram Singh, Deepak Shrivastava, Rupesh Kumar
DINKY: Double Income, No Kids (Yet) SILKY: Single Income, Loads of Kids KIPPERS: Kids In Parents' Pockets Exhausting Retirement Savings SCRUMMY: School Run Mummy (non-working mother with school-age children) WOOPIE: Well Off Older Person YUPPIE: Young Urban Professional CHAV: Council House And Violent (although it is also claimed that it is descended from the Medieval Italian word chavi, meaning lad)
The word Chav is thought to have come from the mid-19th Century Romany word Chavi, meaning child.
It was a close contest between Chavi and Priyanka till the end, but the former sneaked ahead at the last second.