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CHEBCentral Health Education Bureau (India)
CHEBConception et Hautes Études des Structures Bois (French: Design and Advanced Studies of Wood Structures)
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It is expected that the well-known American rapper Nelly will join Cheb Khaled in his concert.
Its first move was to finance a studio album by a then-young artist named Cheb Khaled.
Apparently, we were expected to eat burgers and fries and smoke shisha while Cheb Khaled performed, a sign of disrespect to both the artists and the audience, and an underhanded way to charge the audience nearly double the price of the ticket without informing them beforehand.
Excited to hear Coca-Cola's hit from Cheb Khaled and Nanci Ajram coming soon
In September 2008, a Czech bank (Hypotecni banka) brought an action before the Cheb court against Udo Mike Lindner, a German national, seeking payment of arrears on a mortgage loan contracted in 2005.
Rai includes Cheb Mami and Cheb Khaled as well as a load of unfamiliar Chebs.
ON TOUR: Cheb Mami, the Algerian singer who made his mark in the U.
Taffy Thomas is at his photogenic best at Redcar, where the camera helps him to a double-Gold Cheb (Mick Easterby) pips Ribble Rouser (Clifford Watts/ Shawn Salmon) in the nursery, and Rosalina (Vic Mitchell) is just too strong for Another Princess (Clive Brittain/Bruce Raymond) in the fillies' maiden.
Also featured in the video is Sting's duet partner, French-Algerian superstar vocalist Cheb Mami.
Camera (color), Noel Very, Jean-Claude Vicquery; editor, Voucet Tobni; music, Khaled, Cheb Mami, Tak Farinas, Sage, Mohamed Maghni, Cheb Tahar, Cheb Fethi, Cheb Tarik, Nordine Marssoul; sound (Dolby SR), Henri Morel, Ricardo Castro; costumes, Mahadevi Apavou.