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Check Disk - Running check disk (chkdsk) for backup data ensures that no corruption is present in the backup data.
Additionally, Windows operations such as Check Disk or Check Sum can be used to prepopulate a list of data errors — in a database, for example — without having to take a server or application offline, Pinkerson said.
Finally, I tried the CD Check disk from Digital Recordings.
This team is comprised of the Disk Defragmenter, Disk Clean Up, and Check Disk for PCs and Disk Doctor and Speed Disk for Macintoshes.
TO CHECK disk space, double-click on the My Computer icon on the desktop, right-click on the drive you want to check (normally C:) and select Properties from the menu.
One of the essential commands found in DOS is CHKDSK, pronounced check disk." All conscientious DOS users should run CHKDSK periodically to clean up their hard disks and keep them in good running order.
Check disk space to insure that there will be enough room for next month's transactions.
The Alkacon OCEE VFS Doctor Database maintenance tool operates much like the known "Check disk" or "Repair hard drive" functionality from a standard operating system.
"If you check disks or flashcards in your home you may find some of the rock or rap songs performed by Uzbek singers as well C* and be aware of the satanic effects of this evil music," the narrator warned.
And officers have complained they do not have the right equipment to check disks before they are given to inmates.
First we would need available computers, or access to computers, to check disks on receipt and make sure they were usable.