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10-29Check Records (police code)
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Using lists of terrorist organizations and individuals supplied by the United States and the United Nations, Hong Kong financial regulatory authorities have directed financial institutions to check records and undertake other efforts to uncover terrorist assets.
Although physicians can take medical histories, check records, perform examinations, and do tests to confirm an injury or an illness, they ultimately have to decide whether to believe a patient who says he is suffering.
* "Retain federal background check records, allow reasonable access to those records by federal law enforcement and repeal existing statutory restrictions on gun sale record keeping."
Home Secretary Jack Straw said that the pounds 96million National Automated Fingerprint Identification System would revolutionise "thief-catching" by ending long delays for detectives who had to check records through New Scotland Yard.
The federal government has standardized descriptions, so college personnel eventually will no longer have to check records individually to find which requirements have been met.
The GAC must submit technical and maintenance check records to the FAA before the Boeing 757 can fly again, says Canterbury.
A Transamerica (tel: 0345 321379) can help you check records of your creditworthiness and correct inaccuracies.
Check records on work-related illnesses, employee health complaints, absenteeism, workers' compensation aims and employee turnover.
For example, the programs were customized to read and check records for duplicates, accommodate differences between records from disparate systems, delete unacceptable records, create special fields, and update the records from monthly OCLC tapes.
Two-thirds of hospital trusts questioned said they do not routinely check records to see if a child is already known to be at risk.
The fines take advantage of new civil penalties brought in earlier this year to penalise employers who do not properly check records.
MPPC eliminates manual work in preparing and mailing of checks for clearing, reduces the volume of check records to maintain, significantly reduces check clearing time within 24 hours vice two weeks (sometimes to a month or more during underway) thus helping Sailors with budgeting and bank reconciliation, and also increases disbursing officer's fiscal accountability by reducing "bounced check" collection processing.