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JetPay processed $5.3 billion in payment card volume and $5.2 billion in electronic check volume, according to published reports.
Even if you've done your presentation hundreds of times, the technician who will work with you needs to make sure slides, music and videos are coordinated, as well as check volume levels and microphones.
After 2006, paper check costs rose strongly as paper check volume fell with the growth of Check 21.
Most important is the irrevocable shift in payments, i.e., the move to electronic payments and the corresponding decline in paper check volume has eliminated the need for many customers to ever visit a branch.
QLT also implemented CheckPlus Reconciliation feature that supports multiple online users to handle check reconciliation function in high check volume environments.
xv), "The whole of this first part is reproduced from the first volume." Readers, be forewarned to check volume I for complete citations.
Looking ahead, while payment innovations will continue to whittle away at check's overall share in total payments, check volume will likely stabilize, with billions of checks being written well into the future.
Aggregate check volume was 33.1 billion in 2006, down from 37.6 billion in 2003, the paper reported.
Results for check length, width, and area showed similar trends to check volume. The number of checks that developed in samples treated with the water-repellent CCA formulations were very similar (Fig.
Although check volume has declined, checks still represent a significant volume of payments that need to be processed, cleared, and settled.
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