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CADSComputer-Aided Design System
CADSComputer-Aided Dispatch System
CADSCartridge Actuated Devices
CADSCash Available for Debt Service (credit analysis)
CADSCommand and Data Simulator
CADSContinental Air Damping System
CADSComputer Aided Design Software
CADSControl Authority Data Structures
CADSCanadian Association for Disabled Skiing
CADSContainerized Ammunition Distribution System
CADSCommunity Alcohol and Drug Services
CADSComputer-Assisted Display System
CADSCanadian Air Defence Sector
CADSCombat Aerial Delivery School (USAF)
CADSCommand and Data Simulator (NASA)
CADSCervical Acceleration/Deceleration Syndrome
CADSClinical Administrative Data Service
CADSCode Abuse Detection System
CADSCatalogue Data Distribution System
CADSComputer Anomaly Detection System
CADSChemical Agent Detector Simulator
CADSCombat Air Deconfliction System
CADSCommon Automated Decision Support
CADSCrustal Accretion-Differentiation Superevent
CADSCentral Area Distribution System
CADSCombined Air Defense System
CADSCorrective Action Data System
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