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CAOSChemical Analysis Of Samples
CAOSComputer-Assisted Orthopaedic Surgery
CAOSChicago Academy of Sciences (Illinois; also seen as CHIAS)
CAOSComputer Architecture Operating System
CAOSCommercial Adoption of Open Source (The 451 Group service)
CAOSCenter for Atmosphere Ocean Sciences (New York University, New York)
CAOSCreatures Agent/Object Scripting (Creatures gaming scripting language)
CAOSCombined Automated Operations System (US Customs and Border Protection)
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Open Competition: Performing Chemical Analysis Of Samples On The 32 Indicators In Waste Of Raw Water Ph, Suspended Solids, BOD5, COD, Iron, Oil, Zinc, Hrom3 + Hrom6 +, Sulfates, Chlorides, Nitrite Ion, Copper, Surfactants (Anionic), Ammonia Nitrogen, Nickel , Aluminum Phosphate, Nyon, Dry Residue, Cadmium, Manganese, Fats, Sulfides, Toxicity Index, Lead, Arsenic, Phenol, Strontium Fold Dilution, Active Chlorine (Chlorine And Chloramines) Mercury.
Contract notice: Conducting chemical analysis of samples of water, soil, plants and living matter.
Building contracts are chemical analysis of samples of solid matrices (sediment, suspended solids, biota) in the framework of surveillance monitoring in 2016.
It will focus on identifying and comparing practices established abroad, their validation and transformation in line with international practices into the PCR conditions, including the legally valid, accredited sampling and chemical analysis of samples from specific locations, enabling targeted focus tactics technological processes and their subsequent validation and certification.
Lot 4: chemical analysis of samples free of radiological contamination (soil - water - air - pure product - concrete).
Procured the chemical analysis of samples of solid matrices (sediment, suspended solids, biota) within the surveillance monitoring in 2015.
Open Competition: Execution of chemical analysis of samples for 32 indicators in waste untreated water: pH, suspended solids, BOD5, COD, iron, oil, zinc, hrom3 + hrom6 +, sulfates, chlorides, nitrite ion, nitrate ion, copper, surfactants (anionic) ammonia nitrogen, nickel, aluminum, phosphate ion, the dry residue, cadmium, manganese, fats, sulfides, toxicity index, lead, arsenic, phenol, strontium, multiple dilution, active chlorine (chlorine and chloramines), mercury
The selected laboratory shall conduct chemical analysis of samples of PM 10 taken with 50 filters + 1 filter for one blind sample for the purpose of identifying the composition of the filter itself.
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