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CDTFCommunity Development Trust Fund (Kenya and EU poverty initiative)
CDTFChemical Defense Training Facility
CDTFChemical Demilitarization Training Facility
CDTFChemical Decontamination Training Facility
CDTFChemical Dependency Task Force (Minnesota)
CDTFCivil Disturbance Task Force
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Live-agent training at the Chemical Defense Training Facility continues to provide a critical, confidence-building exercise for trainees.
These CBRN warriors stepped up and took the challenge of conducting self-contained breathing apparatus radiological, biological, and nuclear operations; H sensitive-site exploitation; decontamination; detection; site surveys of clandestine labs; and toxic industrial chemical protection and detection equipment operations L in a live environment at the Chemical Defense Training Facility. They also donned R self-contained breathing apparatuses and performed timed hazmat operations, such as the containerization of storage tanker leaks, at the First Lieutenant Joseph Terry CBRN Responder Training Facility.
Participants also receive toxic-agent training at the Chemical Defense Training Facility. In addition, the Joint Senior Leader Course forum offers a unique opportunity for senior military leaders, civilian government agency leaders, and leaders representing allied and coalition partners to exchange ideas.
From the day they arrive to the time they take their [physical training] test, go through the Chemical Defense Training Facility, and until they leave my care, we strive to complete each task safely."
The most integrated CBRN training takes place at the Chemical Defense Training Facility, where instructors from each Service are specifically assigned for use by their respective Services, but where they end up working and training together.
Sergeant Major Leiner has worked extensively with trainees at the Chemical Defense Training Facility, Basic Officer Leadership Course, Chemical Captains Career Course, Basic Noncommissioned Officers Course, and Advanced Noncommissioned Officers Course-introducing them to the German Army and, most importantly, the German Army proficiency badge.
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