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CML DEMILChemical Demilitarization
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(51) Chemical Demilitarization Program Semi-Annual Report to
For workers with an increased risk of exposure to anticholinergic organophosphorous compounds, such as nerve agent workers at chemical depots and chemical demilitarization facilities, more frequent monitoring may remain the normal procedure.
Army's chemical demilitarization public affairs program have initiated projects and activities aimed at increasing public trust.
"The next day," he says, "I was fired." In his whistle-blower complaint, Jones says EG&G dismissed him "for the convenience of the company." That complaint also says Jones' supervisors charged him with being confrontational, "not a team player," and unwilling to do whatever it takes to keep "the customer" -- the Army's Program Manager for Chemical Demilitarization (PMCD) -- happy
The ECBC includes the Chemical Biological Application and Risk Reduction Business Unit--a specialized group of more than 200 highly trained and experienced scientists, technicians, and operators who are experts in the areas of chemical demilitarization and field operations.
* Chemical demilitarization: $1.63 billion (up 2.39 percent).
The chemical agent disposal facility at Aberdeen Proving Ground, Maryland--the second Army chemical demilitarization facility to complete chemical agent destruction operations--has become the first facility to receive regulatory approval to close.
Chemical demilitarization is tough because it is a "political and environmental issue as much as an economic issue," Bennett said.
Since its inception in 1985, the Chemical Demilitarization (Chem-Demil) Program has been charged with destroying the nation's large chemical weapons stockpile of over 31,000 tons of agent.
The chemical demilitarization program is expected to run through 2007 at a cost of about $1 billion.
Army Acquisition Corps; and she has 29 years of experience in the areas of individual and collective protection equipment, tactical smoke weapons, and chemical demilitarization operations.
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