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CODCash On Delivery (shipping)
CODChemical Oxygen Demand
CODCollect On Delivery
CODCall of Duty (game)
CODComplément d'Objet Direct (French: Direct Object Complement; grammar)
CODCapacity On Demand
CODCost of Death (insurance)
CODCatch of the Day
CODCollege of Dupage
CODCost of Debt (finance)
CODCenter of Development (various organizations)
CODCollege of the Desert
CODCommon Origination and Disbursement (US Department of Education)
CODCause of Death
CODCode List (File Name Extension)
CODCommittee on Design (American Institute of Architects)
CODCylinder on Demand (Audi)
CODCertificate of Destruction
CODCertificate Of Deposit
CODCancellation of Debt
CODCrack O' Dawn
CODCentre Opérationnel Départemental (French: Departmental Operations Center)
CODCarbone Organique Dissous (French: Dissolved Organic Carbon)
CODCouncil of Dragons (gaming guild)
CODCurse of Dimensionality (applied mathematics)
CODComputer Organization and Design (textbook)
CODCouncil on Diversity (various locations)
CODCity of Dreams (casino; Melco Crown Entertainment; China)
CODCircle of Death
CODCash on Delivery
CODCo-Installer Driver
CODConfirm on Delivery
CODCompiled Code
CODConnection Oriented Data
CODCoded Macroblock Indication
CODConference on Disarmament (international forum)
CODCystic Ovarian Disease
CODConference Organizing Distribution (software; Drupal)
CODCoefficient of Determination
CODCongress of Democrats (Namibia)
CODChange Of Direction (football)
CODCustomer Order Desk (various companies)
CODConcise Oxford Dictionary
CODCommercial Operation Date
CODClose of Day
CODCarrier Onboard Delivery
CODCrack Opening Displacement
CODClass of Device (Bluetooth)
CODCharter of Democracy (Pakistan)
CODContent on Demand
CODCatastrophic Optical Damage (semiconductor lasers)
CODCovered Outpatient Drug (Centers for Medicare & Medicaid Services)
CODCertificate of Death
CODCloak of Darkness (gaming clan)
CODCoffee of the Day
CODClose Order Drill (marching)
CODClick of Death
CODCommercial Operation Declaration
CODChange of Destination (shipping)
CODCircle of Dust (band)
CODCanadian Oxford Dictionary
CODCurse of Doom (World of Warcraft spell)
CODCone Dystrophy
CODCloud of Darkness
CODCareer Opportunities Development (California)
CODColor of the Day (undercover police)
CODCertificate of Designation (FAA)
CODCrypt of Decay (Everquest gaming)
CODCombat Operations Division (USAF)
CODCollège d'Omnipratique Dentaire (French: College of General Practice Dentistry; Belgium)
CODCody Yellowstone Regional Airport (airport code)
CODCo-Occuring Disorder (mental health diagnosis)
CODCentral Ordnance Depot (India)
CODChange of Details
CODCircle of Dependability
CODCircle of Darkness (online game)
CODCenter Operations Directorate
CODCrossroads of Destiny (TV show Avatar: the Last Airbender)
CODCertificate of Disposal
CODCooperative Opportunities Document
CODChildren Of Destiny
CODCustomer Order Display
CODComplex Orthogonal Design
CODCaptain on Deck
CODCardiovasculaire, Obésité et Diabète
CODCare of the Devil (AC/DC song)
CODCorrection of Deficiency
CODCommunity Operations Division
CODCase of Department
CODComité de Orden y Disciplina (disciplinary comitee for Guatemalan jails)
CODCentral Organization Department
CODCerebro-Ocular Dysgenesis (muscular dystrophy)
CODContinuous Optical Discharge
CODCongreso de la Central Obrera Departamental (Bolivian labor organization)
CODComics on Delivery (1997 movie)
CODCentral Order Desk
CODCascaded Optical Delay Line
CODCost of Operations Division
CODCategory Of Distribution
CODCadet on Duty
CODCircles of Doom (gaming)
CODConcept of Operations Description
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The chemical oxygen demand (COD) removal efficiency was shown to be 92% in the reactor and the biogas produced in the digester reached 4.49 m3/m3 of the reactor/day.
The organic content is evaluated by two parameters, namely the chemical oxygen demand (COD) and biological oxygen demand (BOD).
The maximum percent reduction for biological oxygen demand (99.8%) chemical oxygen demand (98.6%) total suspended solids (93.9%) total dissolve solids (96.5%) total kjeldhal nitrogen (97.7%) total phosphorus (99.2%) phosphate (99.2%) nitrate (98.9%) and dye (99.2%) was achieved.
The operational SET plant is spread over an area of 25 acres consisting of flocculation, equalization, surface aeration, clarification, ultra filtration and reverse osmosis to yield colorless water with a COD (Chemical Oxygen Demand) and TDS (Total Dissolvable Solids) of less than 75 ppm.
The parameters for the water quality were pH, five-day biochemical oxygen demand (BOD5), chemical oxygen demand (COD), total suspended solids (TSS), total nitrogen (TN) and total phosphorus (TP).
The change in absorbance, decrease in chemical oxygen demand (COD) and degree of decolouration were investigated in presence of oxygen and hydrogen peroxide.
(1997) have studied the extend of Recycling of Tannery effluent through Photo-oxidation method and reported that the parameters like Chemical Oxygen Demand and Bio chemical Oxygen Demand in the treated effluent were drastically reduced [3].
It reduces fats, oil, grease and suspended solids in wastewater by more than 90 percent, as well as significantly reducing the chemical oxygen demand and biological oxygen demand in wastewater.
This will relate to foul sewers, not storm water drains, and will set out acceptable effluent discharge levels, including nature and composition of the effluent, ph levels, chemical oxygen demand, suspended solids, and temperature, among other things.
Coupled with proprietary vials, such as Chemical Oxygen Demand TNT Plus vials, it is useful to laboratories serving drinking water, wastewater, ultrapure water, and process water in food, beverage, petrochemical and other industries.
Techniques represented included dissolved oxygen (DO) meters, biological oxygen demand and chemical oxygen demand analyzers, nutrient analyzers (nitrates, nitrites and ammonia), total organic carbon analyzers (TOC), pH and ion selective meters, and electrodes, conductivity and resistivity reters, as well as assorted portable and fixed gas analyzers devoted to worker safety.