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Irene Capuno holds a picture of her baby with the suspect Chera Jane Quizon captured by a CCTV camera shortly before Quizon disappeared with the baby.
Sunderland UK City of Culture 2021 bid team (left to right): Coun Paul Watson, board member, Paul Callaghan, MAC Trust and board member, Julie Elliott, MP, Sunderland Central and board member, Kam Chera, board member, Rebecca Ball, Sunderland 2021, Shirley Atkinson, University of Sunderland and board member, Ben Phillips, board member, Peter Wood, board member
In early May 2017, the department decided to punish Ghasemzadeh after a video was posted on social media showing him singing a popular love ballad called, "Chera Rafti" (Why Did You Leave), by singer Homayoun Shajarian, in his art class.
The bid team Coun Paul Watson, Paul Callaghan, Julie Elliott, MP, Kam Chera, Rebecca Ball, Shirley Atkinson, Ben Phillips, and Peter Wood
However, for detailed and intensive study, out of total 194 CRBC command villages, four were randomly selected for micro-level analysis namely: Gomal, Jarra, Chera and Buchari, which make 2.4% of the CRBC command villages.
The subsequent comprehensive stratigraphical work of Gomez (1979) revealed, in the Sot de Chera locality (besides of Rhynchonella cf.
Of these, the first pair is composed of the studies by De Jong and Bus (2004) and Chera and Wood (2003), which received the most co-citations, numbering 11.
In Greek, widow is translated chera and is derived from the Indo-European root ghe, which means "forsaken" or "left empty."
According to historical records, the mosque was named after Cheraman Perumal, who was the Chera king and met Prophet Muhammed, peace be upon him, in Makkah and embraced Islam, after witnessing the full moon split into two miraculously.