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Chessbase reportedly broadcast the moves made by the two grandmasters from the very beginning of the championship match, refusing to buy any of the packages offered by the organisers.
Friedel, "Ludwig - A Synthesis of Chess and Music," ChessBase News, 4 December 2006, Available at: http://www.
Database software dedicated to games, such as ChessBase [16], is rapidly becoming an essential tool for serious players, as it helps them track large collections of games, standard openings, statistics, etc.
Sundar has called the allegations, posted on chessbase.
The first, also at Chessbase, was the "visual presentation of world chess ratings,'' in which a software engineer from Poland presented interactive maps of the 170,000 players who have World Chess Federation ratings, but only roughly 8,000 are in North America.
While at Chessbase, learn about one of the strongest computer programs (3150 rating), Deep Fritz 14, in a Tuesday review, and on Monday, "Chess in TV commercials'' by Albert Silver gives you the heads-up on what's old and new, including the new Pepsi spoof of Garry Kasparov.