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CXRChest X-Ray
CXRChristmas Island (ISO Country code)
CXRConventional X-Ray
CXRCoherent X-Radiation
CXRCharacteristic X-Radiation
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Dubai: The Dubai Health Authority (DHA) will use Artificial Intelligence (AI) to sort out all chest X-ray scans required for mandatory medical fitness for residency purposes.
The chest x-ray film were reviewed by consultant pediatrician of ward having >5 years clinical experience for the diagnosis and pattern of x-ray chest findings (consolidation or reticular shadow) specific for pneumonia.
There was an increase in patients presenting in the spring, about 80% had stage 1 sarcoid on chest x-ray, and the majority of the patients who presented with bilateral ankle inflammation and no erythema nodosum were men.
They said I was lucky and smart to get annual chest x-rays because lung cancer doesn't give you any signs until it's in late stages.
new underground and above-ground coal mine workers to undergo a chest x-ray when they enter the coal mining industry
This study identified the common causes for rejection/repetition of the very commonly performed chest X-ray examinations and emphasizes on the need to overcome these causes in order to save extra cost, radiation and time which is part and parcel of these repeated X-rays.
Eleven patients with abnormal chest x-rays were identified and have been referred for further assessment.
REVIEW OF LITERATURES: Although the Postero-anterior chest X-ray is one of the most commonly done investigations in outdoor practice, there is paucity of data regarding the width of aortic knuckle (AK).
Keywords: Pulmonary tuberculosis, sputum test, chest x-ray, key informant interview, policy assessment
A new walk-in chest x-ray service runs from North Tyneside General Hospital and Sir GB Hunter Memorial Hospital in Wallsend to help support the early diagnosis of lung cancer.