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To evaluate ILD in symptomatic patients with normal or equivocal chest radiograph findings.
The initial chest radiograph (Figure 1) shows right sided moderate to massive hemothorax (black arrow), and mild surgical emphysema (blue arrow).
Lipsett, from the division of emergency medicine at Boston Children's Hospital, and co-authors, wrote that the use of chest radiograph to diagnose pneumonia is thought to have limitations such as its inability to distinguish between bacteria and viral infection, and the possible absence of radiographic presentations early in the disease in patients with dehydration.
In addition, pneumonia may not be detected if the patient has had a portable chest radiograph, rather than a PA and lateral, in which case the area of involved lung may not be appreciated.
Input to NDS system is chest radiograph of size 512* 512.
By three months postoperatively, his hemidiaphragm paralysis had completely resolved on chest radiograph, and his shortness of breath had also improved (Figure 5).
Postintubation chest radiograph showed increased bilateral airspace opacities (Figure 1(c)), similar in appearance to his prior admission.
All the patients presented with history of cough and/or difficult breathing, on physical examination having (i) fast breathing (respiratory rate >50/min if age 2-11 months, rate >40/min if age 12-59 months) or (ii) lower chest wall in-drawing admitted in the ward and further evaluated for x-ray chest findings (mentioned in operational definition) specific for pneumonia by advising chest radiograph. The chest x-ray film were reviewed by consultant pediatrician of ward having >5 years clinical experience for the diagnosis and pattern of x-ray chest findings (consolidation or reticular shadow) specific for pneumonia.
Chest radiograph on day 6, showing worsening of the lung opacification bilaterally, with predominance of a nodular pattern sparing the upper zones (black arrows).
Chest radiograph the day after admission demonstrated complete resolution of subglottic narrowing (Figure 2).