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CECBCoupon-Eligible Converter Box (National Telecommunications and Information Administration)
CECBCentral Engineering Consultancy Bureau (Colombo, Sri Lanka)
CECBChhattisgarh Environment Conservation Board (India)
CECBCenter for Ecology and Conservation Biology (Boston, MA)
CECBCentro de Educacion Campesina de Bases (Spanish: Rural Education Center Base; Bolivia)
CECBCymdeithas Yn Erbyn Cynhesu Byd-Eang (Welsh: Society Against Global Warming)
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The Chhattisgarh Environment Conservation Board said the ban will be implemented every year during the period to curb pollution in the state.
Transportation & Disposal of Fly Ash from DBPL Plant to Timarlinga or alternate location as suggested by bidder as per guideline of Chhattisgarh Environment Conservation Board for 2X600 MW Thermal Power Plant DB Power Limited, Chhattisgarh.