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ChiComChinese Communist
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Jack resumed overflight missions on October 31, 1964, after the first ChiCom atomic bomb had been tested on October 16.
The cause was probably due to the inappropriate SSB frequency selected for that distance and time of day Mound 9:20 PM the ROC COMINT station lost the U-2 position information that they received from intercepting the communication of the ChiCom air defense system.
We suspected that the ChiCom SA-2 inventory was low since there were no missile launches.
Although the U-2 flew at least twenty miles off the mainland coast, the missions were not completely safe from ChiCom Red Flag missiles.
Fortunately the ChiComs did not have enough operational SA-2 batteries to cover the entire mainland, but they had to move them around.
Meanwhile, the ChiComs built giant nuclear reactors and ballistic missile test sites in the Lanchow-Paotow-Chiuchuan area.
Tiger's mission made the ChiComs aware that the U-2 must have equipment that can detect SA-2 fire control radar.
Consequently, the ChiComs decided not to turn on their radar until the U-2 reached missile range, to prevent the aircraft from having enough time to evade.
Chicom Technology is based in Beijing, with branch offices in Shanghai, Xian, Suhan, Nanjing and Shenzhen.
We want to capitalize on the R&D capabilities in Northern China and Chicom will drive new design-ins for us," said Louis Lam, TelCom's Area Sales Manager for Asia.
The purpose of the visit is for Drayer to visit with TelCom's key customers, initiate the new arrangement with Chicom, and to discuss future business in China.