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ChiComChinese Communist
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Thus, even "successful" action may not necessarily prevent the ChiComs from detonating a nuclear device in the next few years.
Kissinger, who has been the ChiCom's best asset since the days of Chairman Mao, accompanied President Bush to the Beijing Games and strategically placed the manager of his Kissinger & Associates Beijing operations, Joshua Cooper Ramo, as NBC's "China expert" for the Games.
The ChiCom's early warning radar had good coverage all over mainland China and monitored the U-2 at all times.
A ChiCom surgeon had removed fifty-nine missile fragments from his legs.
Yeah, he's a CHICOM, all right." The M40A1' s safety clicked forward slowly under his right thumb.
Most of these are Chinese, even though they can no longer be imported, and it has been reported by advanced collectors that there are possibly more than 50 variants of the ChiCom SKS.
"We prob'ly killed more men than smallpox," Uncle G observed kinda pensively, creaking on his artificial knees and massaging the hand pierced by a ChiCom burp-gun slug on the Yalu in '51.
"We're all gonna end up dead or in some f CHICOM prison camp."
One proposal called for a "deception operation involving the laying down of arms caches containing Soviet, Czech and Chicom arms in selected areas of Latin America, ostensibly proving the arms were smuggled from Cuba."(34) On the other hand, McCone assured President Lyndon Johnson that the evidence "proved absolutely that arms had been imported into Venezuela from Cuba."(35)
Yes, there are 7.62x39 loads that are superior, but I'm not loading up with steel-jacketed, steel-core Chicom ammo, just to drive around town.
While the Chicom, Norinco match load can no longer be imported, it can easily be equaled by a good handload.
On the other hand, a guy once gave me this coin he called a "powerful good luck charm"--but within a week I made the intimate acquaintance of a ChiCom 82mm mortar round.