ChiSoxChicago White Sox (baseball team)
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The Red Sox, too, had more--and closer--shots than the Chisox, as Boston lost seven-game thrillers in 1946, 1967, and 1986 before finally climbing atop the baseball world with a sweep of the St.
as the playoff-bound Yanks, Halos, and Bosox would have been looking to avoid the league-leading Chisox, who went on to win last year's World Series.
The trouble is, should the Chisox somehow repeat, there seems little doubt that the crybabies will be at it again, singing their oh-so sad song about big-market domination.
Mark Buehrle of the Chisox is the starting left-handed pitcher.
Spindly southpaw Roger Moret tossed a one-hitter at the Chisox, Dick Allen's infield single to short being the only blemish.
A lifetime Chicago White Sox fan, he was 13 when the Chisox won their last World Series of the 20th century (1917) and 15 when they purposely threw the 1919 Fall Classic for gambling payola.
In 1906, the "Hitless Wonders" of Chisox fame pulled off one of the greatest World Series upsets ever, defeating their crosstown rivals, the Cubbies (renowned for their double-play combination of Tinker-to-Evers-to-Chance) in the first and only all-Chicago Fall Classic.