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24(a) provides the Chief Administrative Law Judge or the presiding Administrative Law Judge may issue subpoenas as authorized by statute or law upon written application of a party requiring attendance of witnesses and production of documents.
Drew of Albany, an avid collector of vintage post cards and a retired Chief Administrative Law Judge for DEC.
Bowman and David Greenbaum, chief administrative law judge for the Workers' Compensation Commission, confirmed under oath that Harrison was never told that her rulings were in question or that the backlogged cases on her docket were a problem.
In 1988 the Drag Enforcement Administration's chief administrative law judge, Francis Young, concluded that the federal government should reclassify marijuana so doctors could prescribe it, but he was overruled by DEA Administrator John C.
The chief administrative law judge of the Drug Enforcement Administration (DEA) recommended the DEA reclassify marijuana to a less restrictive status that would make it available by prescription to patients with multiple sclerosis or chemotherapy-induced nausea.
However, the effect of these changes, according to the DEA Chief Administrative Law Judge and other DEA personnel, has been to significantly curtail the ability of DEA to bring enforcement actions against drug distributors.
Cypress Semiconductor Corp (Nasdaq:CY) announced on Friday that the International Trade Commission (ITC) has agreed to review the entire initial determination issued by Chief Administrative Law Judge Charles E.
Hardy, former chairman of the Indiana Utility Regulatory Commission, was accused by the grand jury of knowingly aiding and abetting efforts by Scott Storms, the agency's former general counsel and chief administrative law judge, to pursue a job with Duke while presiding over cases related to Edwardsport at the IURC.
We chose the theme 'Ensuring Due Process in Recessionary Times' due to our commitment as an organization and as individual administrative law judges to providing a fair and impartial forum for the adjudication of disputes regardless of the limits imposed on our budgets," said Florida Chief Administrative Law Judge Bob Cohen.
The chief administrative law judge (ALJ) held (1) that Alabama did not have Constitutional jurisdiction over a nonresident limited partner whose only contact with the state was the ownership of a limited interest in an Alabama limited partnership.
Robert Drew of Albany is the retired chief administrative law judge for DEC in Albany.