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MNCMedia Nusantara Citra (Indonesian media company)
MNCMultinational Corporation
MNCMultinational Company
MNCMobile Network Code
MNCMobile Network Computing
MNCCompiled Menu
MNCMonocyte (Immunology)
MNCMetis National Council
MNCMidnight Club (game)
MNCMouvement National Congolais
MNCMedical Necessity Criteria (healthcare)
MNCMaternal and Neonatal Care (various locations)
MNCMythical National Championship
MNCMethodist New Connexion (est. 1797)
MNCMicroprocesses and Nanotechnology Conference
MNCMetropolitan News Company (Los Angeles, California)
MNCMajor Non Conformity (shipping)
MNCMother Nature Calls
MNCMesa Nacional Campesina (Spanish)
MNCMinnesota News Council
MNCModernising Nursing Careers (initiative; UK)
MNCMonday Night Crew (gaming clan)
MNCMinor Collector (State highway information)
MNCChief Mineman (Naval Rating)
MNCMasonry Non-Combustible (building construction)
MNCMedium Neutral Citation (Australia)
MNCMajor NATO Command/er
MNCModified Numerical Control (engineering)
MNCMissouri Nursing Coalition
MNCSenior Chief Mineman (Naval Rating)
MNCMemoryless Noisy Channel
MNCMultiuser Nyquist Criterion
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Josh Ferguson, a US Navy chief mineman and RCB (Riverine commando boat) captain, says the influence mines are the riskiest to destroy, given they can be activated by a range of different pressures, or 'signatures'.
When asked what worries him the most, US Navy chief mineman and RCB captain Josh Ferguson says the thing about mines is that not only are they cheap and easy to make, but anything can drop them.
When something happens, and we are called upon, the training we have received will make us prepared," aid Master Chief Mineman Master Diver Bill Morris of EOD Mobile Unit 1.