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CHIHChihuahua (postcode, Mexico)
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HBC Chihuahua iniciara armando estructuras aeroespaciales en un edificio alquilado al sur de la ciudad, cerca del aeropuerto y a corto plazo construira sus propias instalaciones en esa zona, dentro de la reserva territorial del estado.
Meanwhile, Princess the Chihuahua has recovered and will be available for adoption at East Valley Animal Shelter in North Hollywood after the case is settled, said Animal Services spokeswoman Karen Knipsheer.
Siempre he tenido una atraccion muy especial por la frontera, hice la serie de Frontera norte de la Unidad de Television Educativa y Cultural (UTEC), documentales etnograficos en Chihuahua y Coahuila, ademas vivi hace muchos anos en Ciudad Juarez.
The new Chihuahua site will produce Victaulic custom castings and large-diameter pipe joining products up to 72 inches/1829 millimeters.
Founded in 2011, Chihuahua is the brainchild of Elian Habayeb and wife Ines Cabarrus.
Mexico City [Mexico], Sept 27 ( ANI ): At least 16 people have reportedly been killed and eight others injured in a shooting incident at a drug rehabilitation center in the Mexican state of Chihuahua.
Informes de inteligencia proporcionados a Proceso por autoridades de Estados Unidos y Mexico revelan que el Cartel de Jalisco Nueva Generacion, que dirige Nemesio Oseguera Cervantes, El Mencho, se alio con integrantes del grupo La Linea--los antiguos aliados del Cartel de Sinaloa que operan en Chihuahua--y ahora es la organizacion mas poderosa en Chihuahua.
2014) mencionaron que el estado de Chihuahua alberga el 16% de esta diversidad endemica.
Deutsche Bank Mexico SA, banking institution and trust division F/1616 or Fibra Inn (BMV:FINN13) revealed on Saturday that it acquired three hotels in the state of Chihuahua totalling 399 rooms, for a payment of cash from the debt issue which equal to an investment of MXN678.
This week, Mr and Mrs Lingham of Blackpool contacted their local newspaper thinking that their chihuahua puppy, Silverchi Bibity Bobity Boo, or Bibby for short, was quite small and worth talking about.
Summary: The negative outlook reflects Moody's view that Chihuahua continues to face challenges which could lead to a financial deterioration.
Bogie, the Chihuahua, tries his best to act like the big dogs.