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CDRTChild Death Review Team (various locations)
CDRTCommunity Dispute Resolution Trust (South Africa)
CDRTCommunity and Disaster Response Team (various locations)
CDRTCalifornia Diagnostic Reading Test
CDRTCapabilities Development for Rapid Transition
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The Pennsylvania Child Death Review Team, a program of the Pennsylvania AAE recently chose the Cribs for Kids campaign as its focus preventive program because of the reduction in SIDS and accidental suffocation deaths in Allegheny County.
In 1978, the first child death review team formed in Los Angeles.
He also helped with data collection and input to record causes of child deaths for the Wisconsin Child Death Review teams, Medina said.
2) Michael Durfee, George Gellert, and Deanne Tilton-Durfee, "Origins and Clinical Relevance of Child Death Review Teams," Journal of the American Medical Association 267 (1992): 3172-3175.
THE NSPCC is calling for: # A target for reducing child abuse deaths - halving the figure over 10 years and to adopt an integrated strategy for achieving this; # Provision of services that involve children in decisions, provide greater confidentiality and enable them to get help; # Provision of a Child Safeguarding Board to provide a stronger national focus for child protection; # Statutory Area Child Protection Committees with a stronger and clearer role; # Multi-agency Child Safeguarding Teams to ensure professionals work together more effectively; # A National Training Strategy to ensure those who work with children have the skills to do the job; # The systematic review of all child deaths to prevent children dying from abuse and neglect, and establishment of Child Death Review Teams.
It called for the setting up of US-style Child Death Review Teams to probe all unexplained tragedies.
It also calls for regional child death review teams to be set up to support investigations by existing local agencies.
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