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CLTTCenter for Logistics, Trade and Transportation (University of Southern Mississippi; Hattiesburg, MS)
CLTTCommunity Land Trust of Tempe (Tempe, AZ)
CLTTChild Language Teaching and Therapy (Sage Publications)
CLTTConcrete Laboratory Testing Technician (American Concrete Institute)
CLTTClub Longueillois de Tennis de Table (French table tennis club)
CLTTCloud Top Temperature
CLTTCho-Liang Thermal Technology (est. 1989; China)
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The study, published in Child Language Teaching and Therapy, examined data from the Growing Up in Ireland study in which 7,845 babies, around nine months of age, were studied and the factors that could affect child development such as breastfeeding, maternal education, gestational age and interactions with siblings were controlled.
The acquired journals include: Health Science titles "Chronic Respiratory Disease," "Clinical Rehabilitation," "Clinical Trials," "Human and Experimental Toxicology," "Journal of Oncology Pharmacy Practice," "Lupus," "Multiple Sclerosis," "Nursing Ethics," "Palliative Medicine," "Perfusion," "Toxicology and Industrial Health," "Trauma" and "Vascular Medicine Review"; Geography titles "Process in Humar Geography," "The Holocene," "Progress in Physical Geography," "Cultural Geography" and "Progress in Development Studies"; and, History titles "Cultural and Social History," "German History" and "War in History"; Linguistics titles "Child Language Teaching and Therapy," "Language Teaching Research," "Language Testing" and "Second Language Research."
Child Language Teaching and Therapy, 1 February 2002, vol.
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