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CPWGChild Protection Working Group (consortium)
CPWGConnecticut Parkinson's Working Group
CPWGCloud Properties Working Group (Atmospheric Radiation Measurement Program)
CPWGCompound Pulse Wave Generator (product feature)
CPWGCross Party Working Group (UK)
CPWGCommunications Procedures Working Group
CPWGCar Parking Working Group (UK and Ireland)
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Thirty-two trainees were drawn from the Human Trafficking Development Agency (HAKAD), the Child Protection Working Group (CPWG), Non-Governmental Organizations and staff from the Migrant Response Centre (MRC).
Tagum City - The Council for the Welfare of Children (CWC) is set to activate the Regional Child Protection Working Group (RCPWG), which will closely look after the welfare of children - especially during wide-scale calamities and emergencies.
The Child Protection Working Group (CPWG) work plan includes the task of developing further guidance and learning on DRR and Child Protection Systems Strengthening.
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