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CSZCity State Zip
CSZClark-Shenker-Zhang (packet scheduling algorithm)
CSZCascadia Subduction Zone (periodic earthquake in Pacific Northwest)
CSZCivilian Safety Zone (military)
CSZComputer Society of Zambia (Lusaka, Zambia)
CSZCalcia-Stabilized Zirconia
CSZCalcia Stabilized Zirconia
CSZCommunity Safety Zone
CSZCom Station Z (science fiction fan club)
CSZChild Safety Zone (government designation)
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Rachael Messina said she still believes the town needs a sex offender bylaw that creates a child safety zone, and she hopes to bring a new version before voters at a future town meeting.
Last year, Hubbardston approved a child safety zone bylaw that prohibits Level 3 sex offenders from entering any school or day care center without being authorized in writing by the school administrator or day care center owner.
In Texas, the Code of Criminal Procedure, SB1054, Article 42.12, Section 13B (Texas Legislature Online, 78th Legislature) mandates the Child Safety Zone (CSZ) for the state of Texas to be "within 1,000 feet of premises such as school, day-care facility, playground, public or private youth center, public swimming pool, or video arcade facility, places where children generally gather." Currently, the state of Texas stipulates anywhere from 200 feet to 1,000 feet for this zone, which follows the drug-free zone restrictions used in the state.
This study uses the current restriction laws stipulated by the Texas legislature to inquire: (1) How many sex offenders reside within the Child Safety Zone (1,000-foot buffer)?
Crime and proximity in relation to Child Safety Zone (commuters) has been investigated spatially by Walker et al.
The two main themes created for this analysis were (1) the Child Safety Zone and (2) the location of residence of each offender.
These layers were appended and merged together to form the new dissolved layer of all the buffers that formed the Child Safety Zone. Playgrounds, public or private youth centers, and public swimming pools are a part of the schools in Bryan and College Station.
Without a geographical system in place to track registered sex offenders, the cities of College Station and Bryan have not been able to check the violators who reside within the Child Safety Zones for a long time.
Some sex offenders face individual restrictions set in the terms of their parole agreements, but these are not standardized, and most commonly include "child safety zones" near places where children commonly gather.
They have also introduced initiatives including child safety zones, which provide carers with immediate access to the shopping centre's control room if youngsters go missing.
The Child Safety Zones scheme holds children's contact details and pictures that can be put up on screens around malls within seconds of them being reported missing.
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